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 Follow up
When a client contacts us either via phone or e-mail, we will respond to that client ASAP! This is a potential buyer who is interested in our product and if we don’t take care of the client – someone else will. This is a standard that we will live by and what will make the client feel like a VIP.

 Rapid response
Our goal is to have the Lowest Hold Time (less than 30 seconds). People hate to wait on the line "for the next available representative". They want their call to be answered quickly by a professional that can answer their questions correctly the first time. The faster we answer a call, the happier the client is.

Our call center agents are professional and knowledgeable. This professionalism will be there at the time of employment – we will polish them to our standards so this will not be a concern. The knowledge will come from the in-depth training that we will provide based on the specific needs and demands of our client. This is the kind of agent that can answer most any question on the spot without having to ask somebody else. In world class support centers the phrase "I don’t know" is completely forbidden as it means "I can’t help you".

 High Quality Customer Service (World Class)
Part of Customer Service training involves teaching agents word choice: "I will" (it communicates assurance, knowledge, and capacity) rather than "I´ll try" (annoying to customer as it implies uncertainty and lack of knowledge). Instead of "You have to…" or "You should have…" agents will use "Will you…" "Could you…", "Would you…" "You want to…" These latter statements make the customer feel guided and helped as well as asked, whereas the previous will make him feel accused; this could make him defensive and thus difficult to deal with. Customer Service also means to put the customer First. Customer service is all about making the customer feel happy when he hangs up the phone.
Connections, by Quadrant, is the greatest opportunity to tap into the underserved after-hours marketplace! From 5 PM, the after-hours working class is compelled to find help from the centralized service centers and direct writers! The fact is that selling an additional $70,000,000 in premium this coming year almost without costing you or your agent/broker a penny is a real possibility!

Connections is the answer.
Beginning in 2006, Quadrant established a call center facility. Through Quadrant's technologies and in a desirable and multi-lingual location, Connections is able to service, quote and even sell insurance at a vastly reduced rate. By offering these facilities to a select few independent agents, we can extend your hours for selling by 128 hrs. per month (that represents a 44% increase from a regular 40 hour work week).

Without changing your current agency business model (no need for additional advertising, phone costs, payroll, etc), your everyday calls are forwarded to the call center and production continues for an additional four hours per day and 12 hours on Saturday and holidays. Service is provided and quoting is offered. As representatives of the insurer, the call center staff can book and bind policies.

For example, only 5 calls come through to the agency during these off-hours, of which 30% request a quote (approximately 1.5 quotes/hour); of those 1.5 quotes per hour only 15% of them end up buying (only 0.225% of the total quotes offered). As a result, 28.8 additional policies are sold per month.

Assuming an average premium of $1,000, the call center is facilitating an increase $28,880 in premium per month per agency!

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