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MapPro is easy to use and its infinite expandability allows insurance companies to revert the amount of time spent on data acquisition and data entry, providing true analysis of an insurance company's competitive position in their desired markets.
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 Pricing Analysts
 Product Managers
A batch rating tool, enables you to analyze
any variation of your pricing structure along
with that of your competitors.

MapPro's reports provide a detailed
snapshot of a carrier's competitive position.
 Inability to Perform Timely and Accurate
   Competitive Analysis

 Inability to Accurately Assess Risk
   (Credit Alignment)

 Inability to Accurately Compare Driver
 Cost associated with
   Time and Labor

 Uninformed Decisions,
   Lack of Granular Data

 Lost Profitability / Growth
   / Market Share

 Difficult Credit Calculation
Performing Manual Competitive Analysis
Improves Competitive Posture, Reduces Time
and Costs, Automates Credit Calculation,
Automates Driver Assignment, Better, Faster,
Decisions, Accelerates Market Growth,
Decreases Market Analysis Costs, Assess
Competitive Vulnerability, Identify
Under-Priced Segments.