Data Solutions
Make better decisions. View, analyze, manage and control unlimited up-to-date valuable data.
Data Solutions | Turn data into an asset
Quadrant Insurance Information Warehouse can help you:

• Create a data warehouse quickly and cost-effectively, using proven architecture.
• Gain better access to the most current data electronically.
• Gain better data management, controls and reporting.
• Manage and monitor the release, promotion and performance of new products and those of your competition.
• Use reports for data mining competitor queries to segment demographically and tailor campaigns accordingly.
• Enable product managers, actuaries and pricing groups to make faster, more informed decisions with information at their fingertips.

FYI features hardware redundancy, capacity, accessibility and infrastructure; secured through the Internet and available 24x7, it is a true cost to value advantage with a short term deliverable.
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Manuals Exchange
Maximize your business, and participate in a
monitored and controlled manual exchange
with other carriers, that benefits all parties.
Public Filings
Access thousands of public filings from leading
companies from all P&C product lines and states.
Territory Maps
View and download territory map drawings from
all leading carriers, including detailed info for
zip codes, cities, counties and townships.
Hyperlink-based Excel files containing all rating information for a Company’s program, including rating factors, tables and equations.
Rate Activity Database
Fully searchable rate monitoring, including rating changes and updates for thousands of programs from leading carriers in all 50 states.
Territory Drawings
View and download PDF territory drawings from all leading carriers for each State, including a detailed view per territory.
 Product Managers
 Information Warehouse
 Documents on Demand
 Manage Manuals / Exchange Process
 Inability to Access Complete Data
 Inconvenience and Lack of Control
 Liability of Collusion
 Inaccuracy of Information
 Consolidation of Data
 High Cost / Administration
 Access to Information
 Heavy Support Requirment
 Time / Labor Intensive
 Large Investment
Manual and tedious process
 Better Data Management, Controls, Compliance
   and Distribution

 Lowers Cost and Adminstrative Burden
 Provides a "Liability Shield" and Safe Harbor
 Provides an Electronic Version of Manuals and

 Unlimited Access
 Data Consolidation for Decision Support