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Rest assured you can partner with a financially secure insurance information leader

Our Company Profile

Quadrant is the foremost provider of the best enterprise-wide insurance solutions for property and casualty insurance. For almost 20 years, Quadrant remains the industry’s most trusted resource and enjoys the liberties of being a closely held private company. From product analytics and massive data solutions to a wide array of .NET based insurance solutions, Quadrant stands alone as the leader in a crowded space of envious competition.

In addition to extensive data solutions, Quadrant’s powerful resources provide fast and accurate comparative rating for pricing analytics and Web services for a culture hungry to know more about what is happening in the industry.

Quadrant's services for the property and casualty industry are very extensive. With over 20,000 carrier rates supported in all 50 states, Quadrant 's powerful tools behind the data stand alone as a standard. Along with our extensive list of clients utilizing the strength and integrity of our technologies and data, Quadrant will surely optimize speedy delivery and quality of any insurance enterprise.


When working with Quadrant you can rest assured that you have partnered with a financially secure and independent insurance information leader. We bring you the experience, convenience, and dependability you have come to expect and provide to your customers. With almost 200 people behind our mission, you can expect the kind of results that will make you money.

There is no other information provider that can offer you the combination of quality, service, and price that Quadrant can. When considering other providers, you'll find that Quadrant will afford your company with the best value for your business dollar. You may find a provider that offers lower prices and highlights gimmicks to further their real core competence, but if price and dependable service are of equal importance to you, Quadrant is the right choice.

Mission Statement
To Be the Best at Providing Maximum Value to Our Customers
To Be the Best at Winning and Retaining Customers
To Be the Best Global Provider of Superior Solutions to the Insurance Industry
To Lead the Insurance Industry through Bold and Aggressive Innovations
To Insist On Profitable Growth for Our Customers, Employees and Stakeholders